Poparazzi STFU

I receive a email from Danial Gauss to retract  my article Danial Gauss STFU. This blog is base on my opinion and I will not retract the original post but discredit  Poparazzi for spreading false information on Danial Gauss. Everyone is entitle to their opinion but everyone has the opportunity including the right to clear their name.

Email receive from Danial Gauss nothing has been altered.

I am Daniel Gauss.  I did not give permission for any type of publication on a Singapore web site.

Material was posted without my permission and knowledge.

I am asking you to retract the information you posted on your site since it is inaccurate and calculated, solely, to harm me.

Daniel Gauss

Disclaimer: I have no affiliates with Poparazzi or a participant in the original post. The article Danial Gauss STFU is base on personal opinion after reading Poparazzi original post. I did not specified in my own personal article if these facts were true or false but posted in my personal opinions (rants) about the issue. In other words like many others who comment and blog about this issue was under false pretense of this being fact.I sincerely apologize to Danial Gauss if I offended him and for using Poparazzi as a reliable source of information on this matter and so many other blog sites.

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