Jo Sung Mo Special Album:Sung Mo Meet Brave

Jo Sung Mo return after 3 grueling surgeries but he is a seasonal vet in the K-pop scene. Breaking unit sales  in the 1 million unit plus range making him the stuff of legends in SoKo land. Jo team up with hot K-pop producer Brave Brothers(Brave Sound)  to make his comeback a bang. This far this album like SHINee’s Lucifer and Gummy’s Loveless has my 5***** seal of approval. The album fits into electronic genre with elements of rock,pop,and r&b are very much noticeable. Despite this album being dance influence there is a level of sophistication incorporated  musically, vocally and lyrically. With a lack of over sampling,layering and auto tune to take away from the experience. Its dancelicious but also still has maturity and individuality. Most likely one of the best comeback albums to come out this year.

바람필래(I Want To Cheat) MV

01. intro_meet brave

02. 바람필래(I Want To Cheat)(Title Track)

03. 이밤이지나가면 (Midnight passes)

04. 점점더(feat.일렉트로보이즈)More and more (feat. Electro Boyz )


07. 바람필래 Inst

Available on (12.99)

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