Nine Muses No Support?

Lately K-pop is having an increase of new young idol groups. Even though Korean pop industry is consider quite small but globally recognize by nations all over the world. To be honest only a hand full of groups that debut are consider idol and a smaller portion are able to generate fandom in foreign nations. I notice every time a new group comes around K-poppers have the urge to compare them to pre-existing groups( I do it to). Granted that record labels market certain groups  creating mockery instead of individuality. Difficult for listeners and enthusiastic followers not to be so critical.

Even before Nine Muses debut K-pop fans were eager to hear a new female group. Once the MV for “No Playboy” drop it seems some fans have turn vicious. Immediately placing them in the “wannabe,talentless ham” file of musically existence. Granted the group consist of nine ladies but are they talented? You can’t judge a book by its cover in this case the title single. “No Playboy” is a commercially driven song that has repetitive dance beats.

Fans get angry when people compare  Nine Muses to other groups like SNSD, 2NE1, etc… but fail to understand the underline hidden meaning. Both female groups had a rocky start or was riding on someone else coat tails. When SNSD first debut receive harsh comments when the group fail to impress audience live.Fans have written off pretty but couldn’t hold a tune to save their lives. Wasn’t until last year with the release of “Genie” did they reach stardom. Since then SNSD have prove themselves to be a talented group verse what doubters may say.

2NE1 ride on the coat tails of Big Bang as CEO of YG Yang Hyun Suk describe them “the female Big Bang.” When the single “Lollipop” debut fans were eating out of Yang Hyun Suk  hands.Once 2NE1 debut with their own album  certain members were being recognize for talent more than others. Sandara Park lack the singing abilities of Park Bom, CL’s vocal diversity and Minzy’s natural dancing skills. The girls confess to fighting for Dara place in the group.Over time even Dara admit to her short comings as a singer and dancer.Fans have accept this and continue to support the group. Same for other artist like 2pm,Wonder Girls, etc.. In fact every K-pop group had their fair share of harsh criticism before people began to listen instead of judge.

K-pop fans alike are guilty for obsessing over a  group base  on superficial reason or dramatically changing their minds. Talent is a matter of opinion and varies when asking people. To me talent is the ability to sing acapella to others its just having the right personality and look.To a record executive and talent scout its having the total package deal or the capability of developing all three.Either way most of these groups are formulated so that everybody can enjoy each member. The more diversity you have in a group the more fans can relate.This rule also applies to music.The more diverse of artists are established in a music industry the audience will increase. You can’t just have one type of band you need many type of bands.

With the new wave of Korean groups and artists popping up some fans sense danger. I sense a challenge for those who are real fans of this particular type of music. I’m sick and tired of always reading about the same groups over and over again its time to add spice.Time to bring in some competition so that this industry can grow. The more fans become narrow-minded the more they stunt the growth for hallyu wave. Japan and American have the largest music industry because they created a diverse mainstream culture. South Korea is the ninth largest economic nation in the world. Its time for the music industry,politics and fans to upgrade.


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