2NE1 Comeback September

The fierce four ladies of YG is making their comeback on the 9th of September. Also with the return of 2NE1 TV along with Teddy,Gummy,Se7en and Yang Hyun Suk. This being a follow up to their first self title debut mini album.That feature hits like “Fire” and “I Don’t Care.” The album was compose by former YG artists turn producers  Teddy(1tym) and Kush(Stony Skunk). Yang Hyun Suk has friends from west rumor has it even will. I.am (Black Eyed Peas) will produce tracks on this album.

The album will be 12 tracks and title To Anyone. Six of the tracks will be brand spanking new fresh out the kitchen.While the other 6 are know digital tracks from past including 2 bonus tracks.Maybe 2NE1 will join Se7en,TOP and Taeyang on iTunes.In the mean time 2NE1 drops a new CF for Samsung AnyCall Nori Phones.Don’t forget Taeyang SOLAR international drops at the end of August.With a new track “I’ll Be There” produce by Teddy.

Don’t Forget To Rock Your Vote For Taeyang (Best group soloist/crossover) TOP(Best soloist), Daesung(Best soloist)Se7en (Best comeback) Gummy (Best Comeback) and Teddy (Overrated composer)


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