G-Dragon Still Single

I’ve been following reports on G-Dragon possibly dating a Vivi model name Mizuhara Kiko.The beauty queen was link to GD via report from Sankei Sports.YG went into damage control immediately quashing the rumor. YG rep mad this official statement on the issue…..

“Big Bang’s G-Dragon due to his schedule flies to Japan and South Korea often, and when he is in Japan often meets with models, and he hangs out with models” referring to the reports that G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko are lovers.

“The two are not dating” Showing a strong stand about the false rumors.

Sankei Sports replay……

Sankei Sports a local media in Japan has reported that Mizuhara Kiko and G-dragon has been dating since Big Bang debuted in Japan, and they have been keeping a long distance relationship.

Will I guess its YG verse Sankei Sports but I think YG just face palm with their official statement. Really does GD have time for, ah, “courtship?”


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