2NE1 3 Comeback Title Tracks

YG ups the stakes by having an aggressive campaign with releasing three title tracks for 2NE1 To Anyone.

“As a music producer, I’ve heard the ‘double title track’ promotional method a couple of times. However, this is my first time hearing of three title tracks. The reason we’ve decided to choose this path anyway is because our wish to spread 2NE1’s various unique music styles is bigger than our desire to win first place.”

This aggressive new tactic can be seen as A) an  act of desperation or B) YG finally realizing K-pop isn’t what it use to be.

2NE1 may their debut last year with a CF jingle for LG Cyon phones “Lollipop” with Big Bang. Their self title debut burn up the charts with “Fire” and “I Don’t Care” despite the plagiarism accusation. Receiving  countless awards form CY World and MNet Media for Best New Artist,etc… With a series of solo singles except for group leader CL and member Minzy who duet  with”Please Don’t Go.” 2NE1 self title EP rank #2 on 100 Best Selling Albums of 2009 claim dominance right behind G-Dragon (Big Bang) solo album  Heartbreaker. YG release Gummy’s Lovelss and their most recent comebacks Taeyang (Big Bang) SOLAR and Se7en’s Digital Bounce this year(back to back).All three albums generate popularity and did fair on unit sales but were unable to beat SM. On Korean pop charts and music portal sites rank in TOP 10 spots but did not snag #1 spots or took several weeks to climb then drop. Out beaten by SM and other new coming artist(s) seems YG is feeling some pressure.

For executive producer and founder of YG entertainment  Yang Hyun Suk this is quite unsettling to swallow. The old showbiz saying “here today gone tomorrow” is becoming a gloom reality factor. YG fans for the most part stay loyal but this label needs cash flow in order to survive. With the repackage of Taeyang SOLAR tied into International with a new single “I’ll Be There” can boost the labels confidence. As the mid year past entering fall and winter months. YG can guarantee their competition will get harder and harder to over come. With newbie acts like Miss A ” Bad Girl Good Girl” and GNA “I’ll Back Off So You Can live” having higher success minus big label back up. Keeps major labels like YG on their toes and understand sometime talent can out waver hype/image.YG has a promising future as long the label is willing to grow, diverse and understand the consumer is the main priority. Should only settle and deliver the best of quality not quantity .

Who’s Best Thus Far Rock Your Vote


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