SNSD Makes Nice in Japan

With Kara making friends those who dwell in the land of the raising sun I guess SNSD can to… Known in Korea as Girls Generation aka SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae). In Japan under the name Shoujo Jidai  the nine ladies claim dominance over Ociron DVD charts with New Beginning of Girls’ Generation. Making them the first Korean pop female group to debut in Ociron’s Top 10 for DVDs.

To say thank you Shoujo Jidai will show case a concert on 25th of August at  Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo 20,000 are suspected to go. With the Japanese single release of “genie on the 21st via Youtube channel .Don’t forget SNSD along with other fellow SM artist are preparing for SMTown Live ‘10 World Tour at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium on 21st of August. I know SNSD is gonna be whoop by end of this month.


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