Big Bang comeback is one the way while YB prepares for SOLO concert

YG been busy lately preparing for their biggest monumental comeback of Big Bang.A  rep for YG said this via phone for Money Today Star News.

“During either October or November, Big Bang will be releasing a new Korean album. We’re thinking of releasing it as a regular album. Up until now, the majority of Big Bang’s tracks were produced by fellow member, G-Dragon. For the upcoming Korean album, G-Dragon will produce all of the tracks. Because of his efforts, the date of the album release has been delayed.”

“G-Dragon has been simultaneously partaking in Big Bang’s Japan activities as well as producing tracks for the album. So far, the album is more than 80% finished.”

Say what? Only 80%…its should be 90%…okay just kidding BB VIP. Nice to hear G-Dragon is taking his leadership role very seriously can’t wait for the fab 5 boys to return Korea (October-November).In the meantime Japanese fans have all the fun with “Beautiful Hangover” drops the 25th of August.

In other news Taeyang aka YB CF spot for his up in coming solo concert. Taeyang postpone his solo activities to complete his Japanese promotion and production work for Big Bang comeback album. His first solo concert dates are September 25th & 26th, at the Grand Peace Palace on the Kyung Hee University campus in Seoul,South Korea. Buy tickets @

Tayeang Solo Concert CF spot

Big Bang your number 1 Rock You Vote Who’s On Top


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