Narsha Mamma Mia Teaser

Narsha new single “Mamma Mia” has some fans blushing but really kids its just a kiss…or is it? This raise a question if Korean censor will banned this video due to sexual content. Most likely yes but also because it’s with a foreign man? Maybe most fans began to worry and so do I. Depends on how you look at it and present this type of relationship to the mass media. One thing to show a union like this but another to make it look straight out of a dirty movie. I can understand why Koreans wouldn’t want this to air. I wish I could ban some hip hop videos that degrade women yet my complaints are always silent by “sex sells.”Jjust have to see if Narsha can shine her glory before someone pulls the plug for what ever reason.

Is Narsha best group soloist vote for Best Thus far


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