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Mood of The Music Cover Art

Got this via email of a MC name Xception from Chicago who recently drop Mood of The Music

My name is Xception (chicago-based MC) and, together with my homie G-DO(Amsterdam-based producer), we have released are debut album Mood Of The Music. The album has been getting some light buzz around the internet here in the states and in Europe and we are just trying to reach as many people as possible. I know your site is mostly for Asian-based artists, but I feel like the album we have put together, available for free, is something that would really appeal to Hip-Hop fans in Asia and I really just want to hear what people everywhere think of the music. The album or individual tracks are available for free at http://g-doxception.bandcamp.com complete with lyrics. Below is the press release and here is a link for you to download the album directly http://usershare.net/bu5h8shm00z7 I Hope all is well on your side of the pond and we hope you enjoy the music! Cheers!

“Most definitely one of the nicest indie albums I’ve heard so far this year…” – HipHopRuckus.com

“This is really a great album from top to bottom, all the beats are great, the lyrics and flow is also top notch. I’m really amazed this is their first release, this really has the top quality of something more mature.” – UncleCritic.com

Press Release…

Chicago rapper Xception and Amsterdam producer G-DO will release their official debut album ‘Mood Of The Music’ on 26 July 2010. After becoming friends almost two years ago in Amsterdam, G-DO and Xception have been working on new music continuously. ‘Mood Of The Music’ will mark the first official release from both artists. The album showcases a mature, soulful, jazz-influenced style of Hip-Hop. Some might say the sound reminds them somewhat of Slum Village or Reflection Eternal, but it’s best to decide for yourself!

Xception’s rhyming combines a Chicago flavour with introspective lyrics and clever wordplay, while G-DO creates musical landscapes that are a combination of funky, jazzy sounds combined with hard-hitting drums and live instrumentation. To record this album, G-DO and Xception met up both in Amsterdam and Chicago, eventually finishing the album by sending music back and forth through the Internet. The album features North Carolina singer Multiplist, whose distinctive multi-layered sound adds a soulful touch to two tracks on the album– ‘Grown Kids’ and ‘Always’.

The lead single ‘Fly Away’ and, B-side, ‘Paint a Picture’ are already gaining increasing attention in the Underground Hip-Hop scene. You can now download the album or individual tracks for free at Bandcamp [ http://g-doxception.bandcamp.com ].

Xception Mood of The Music is diffidently  a must for indie hip hop sound followers. Bringing back the old school vibe of sweet r&b music, jazz and blues mixed in with clever but smart lyrics.  Appreciation of hip hop with lots of soul and lyrically being more raw when its coming from the heart. Verse another sucker MC trying to make a buck. Most outstanding tracks has to be “Paint A Picture”  and “The Weather Report Part 2”  the  attention grabbers. Mood of the Music is a perfect combination when rhythm and rhyme  work in harmony.-NWAC

If you like Xception follow him via Mysapce @ http://www.myspace.com/gdoandxception

Contact Xception for booking contact and/or interviews gdoandxception@gmail.com

Note: You don’t have to be Asian to be feature on my blog if your underground just have good music.

Thanks for the tip Xception

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