Nrasha Mamma Mia (맘마미아)

Nrsaha’s” Mamma Mia” (맘마미아) is causing some massive wave of concerns. Most likely if Korean censors will ban this MV all together. Most likely yes during her steamy kissing scene but honestly K-pop needs to have something for adults. What about us 20 and 20 somethings who can’t relate referring every love to ice cream and lollipops? Either way the single is hot, unique and diffidently defining Narsha a sexy symbol at 30.

Other fans are concerned about the foreign male Nrasha is kissing on. Making this a political issue when honestly its juts a sexy girl having fun in this MV. The only other video that I can think of is Alicia Keys “Untinkable” which was far more romantic. Even though it involve a Black women and White male. Once again this match the mood if not embracing those who think outside the racial dating boxed. Narsha “Mamma Mia” video isn’t really about that more like female empowerment.Two  totally different videos and vibes that can stir up the same political issue. In the end I hope fans just enjoy “Mamma Mia” and allow Narsha to shine.


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  1. ohboy
    Aug 27, 2010 @ 06:14:47

    what’s the message? females can be “manwhores” (drop the “man”) too?


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