Will YG Own 2010?

In 2009 YG was on top of their game with the debut of 2NE1/self title mini album and Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon solo Heartbreaker. This year YG has surprise fans once again with back to back comebacks. Gummy’s Loveless , Taeyang’s SOLAR and Se7en’s Digital Bounce .Each artist was able to break Top 10 on various Korean music portals but have enormous amount of difficulties claiming #1 spots. Seems this year SM entertainment has step up their game and claim not only the charts but overall unit sales for 2010. Even though SM is fighting lawsuits fans of Boa, SHINee, Super Junior and F(x) fiercely remain loyal in making sure they claim #1 in every category.


I wish I was that back up dancer

The year isn’t over with and YG still has a few tricks up their sleeves to make sure audience remains only fixated on them.Taeyang SOLAR did extremely well with 30,000 units sold in its first day the follow-up INTERNATIONAL must succeed even further.”I Need A Girl” was catchy but it fail to claim dominance on Korean music portals even though it broke TOP 10 spots with high rankings.YG has change their tactics and decide in order to push higher unit sales must expand their small empire and think outside of South Korea. This new strategy of thinking is becoming crucial for major and minor labels to find  an audience. SM, JYP,DSP,PLEDIS,Jungle. Map The  Soul  and various of other Korean stars have join iTunes and found global success.Giving the ability for  South Korean hallyu to grow globally providing new opportunities.

YG first jump onto iTunes during Se7en’s campaign in America but fail to gain any interest. This was tried once again when Big Bang’s TOP release his solo single “Turn It Up” with no pormotions. Obvious the song was a sleeper and was showcase earlier this year on Big Bang’s Big Show 2010. Something must have click in Yang Hyun Suk (CEO and founder of YG) brain to focus more on iTunes verse depending on Korean mainstream media. If your competitors are using iTunes and making more money why not you? Seem like a smart business move and overall extends the longevity of your artist album. Bringing in more cash flow from downloading increasing your profits.

In order to do this YG and Mr.Suk will have to be more aggressive in their marketing and produce even more pop addictive song. No wonder why Taeyang for his solo follow-up for SOLAR release INTERNATIONAL with three new singles with “I’ll be There” the main title track. With the aid of iTunes breaks Top 10 spots once again but this time in various countries No. 2 in Japan, No. 3 in Australia, No. 5 in Canada and No. 6 in the United States. Boosting YG confidence and convincing the sometimes cautious Suk of the possibility of global musical dominance for the lebal.This year Taeyang is YG’s most productive soloist hopefully #1 and 50,00 + unit sales will follow.

Big Bang has also increase their popularity in Japan with “Beautiful Hangover” that has  #5 on Oricon daily music chart hits. Big Bang at the moment is wrapping up Japanese activities that took some 2 years placing the group on hiatus from Korean fans. Big Bang Korean comeback will happen around November/October months and maybe a second G-Dragon solo?

Besides Big Bang making news 2NE1 comeback is less than two weeks away(September 9th). Promoting 3 singles back to back for their up in coming full album title To Anyone. This will have 12 tracks the first 6 being new and other 6 from their first self title mini album that contain “Fire” and “I Don’t Care.” The fist single “Go Away” MV is in the works directed by Cha Eun Taek and the other two singles MV will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung. Don’t be surprise if the album will be also place on iTunes in order to emulate the success of last year.

YG continues to win fans good graces by bringing back the duo who started it all Jinusean. Jinu (Jon) and Sean last release an album back in 2005 since then worked behind the scenes.  This very long-awaited comeback is such a surprise if not have older YG fans rejoice. Last year in an interview Sean hinted a comeback but nothing was confirmed. Until Sean via twitter inform fans  that Jinusean is working on a new album schedule to release sometime at the end of this year.

Also sometimes controversial rapper PSY (Park Jae Sang) has sign under YG after returning from his military service. He has worked with a YG artist before Lexy who left the label in the 2000’s.His album suspected to drop in October.

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