JYJ Done For

There is news going around that JYJ(JaeJoong/Yoochun/Junsu) Japanese activities have been stopped due to a criminal investigation involving their company CJeS Entertainment(Korean). According to reports a representative’s son is being accuse of running an organize extortion ring under the CJeS ent. He used his father postilion to blackmail artist under this label. Due to the investigation this also jeopardize AVEX entertainment (Japan) contract agreement with JYJ. Since CJeS entertainment is JYJ management firm, AVEX decides to end Japanese promotion.

JYJ had this to say…

“First, we are sorry to our fans to have to bring them this kind of news” and that “We were very sad to have received news of a promotion cessation despite all of our cooperation and discussions with Avex.It feels very stifling to not be able to fulfill our promise to meet our Japanese fans and that In order to solve this, we need the consent and attention from our fans.  We hope to be able to meet our fans as soon as possible when our promotions are resumed”.

Avex accuse JYJ of knowing CJeS ent dirty work even though CJeS has not yet been charge for anything JYJ stated….

“That content does not break our current contract with Avex, so it cannot be the cause for a discontinuation in promotions, nor nullification of our contract. Also, Many months ago, because of this same issue, Avex requested that C-JES Entertainment be omitted from the contract. …JYJ agreed to this request and devotedly participated in the contract discussions because we wanted to have smooth promotions within Japan.But Avex gave JYJ a substantially disadvantageous condition different from what we had originally agreed on the contract; once we declined that condition, they suddenly developed this stance to cancel the contract based on C-JES’s alleged crimes”.

I can understand why Avex doesn’t want to do business with CJeS but why should JYJ suffer? Even though JYJ DVD THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME selling close to 119,000 units #1 on Ociron DVD Weekly Charts  and The… is #1 on albums.. Avex still decided to withdraw and terminate the original contract agreement. After news of a possible full album in the works the skies seem so dark on JYJ. The continuing lawsuit with SM entertainment has not yet reach final verdict.Only time will tell if JYJ will ever come to be.

Source:Quotes Allkpop


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