Last year 2NE1 dazzle critics with their first mini self title album with hist like “Fire” and ” I Don’t Care.” Many critics see them as the new face for female idol base groups. Instead of playing the normal roles of being passive and “cutesy” girl image. The group brought forth girl power and individuality onto a very mundane music scene.  Truly “revolutionizing”  the female image in South Korea with catchy lyrics and high energy dance beats. With the help of major media network MNet  unleashed 2NE1 TV a mini documentary series. To further promote more dominance in late 2009 each member stream solo singles. Dara’s “Kiss”; Park Bom’s “You and I”; (except for CL and Dara who duet “Please Don’t Go”). At the end of 2009 2NE1’s self title mini album was the 2nd on highest selling albums in South Korea. While G-Dragon solo album Heartbreaker snag #1.

By the time 2010 role around fans were ready for their comeback. In the mist of early September fans were getting their wish with a full album title To Anyone. CEO/Founder Yang Hyun Suk use a more aggressive tactic for 2NE1 highly anticipated comeback. Instead of promoting 1 or 2 singles Suk decided to promote 3 including MVs for each. “Can’t Nobody”; “Clap Your hands” and “Go Away.”YG is confident that 2NE1 could pull off a massive success if not larger. With the return of 2NE1 season 2 ; YouTube channel; and  introducing YG Life blog it seem possible.

On the eve of the album release pre-order sales top 120,000 units. Fans were excited after reviewing a sightly  longer teasers of “Can’t Nobody”. Which seem to be inspired by their new-found love of fashion. With photo teasers of “Go Away” being spam all over the internet and me2day accounts. The vibe was positive and when the album drop on the 13th of September it instantly hit #1 and did fairly on sales.

After fans review To Anyone the excessive usage auto-tune turn some off. Teddy who mostly produce 2NE1 first mini album charm wasn’t quite resonating on To Anyone. Even though this is 2NE1 second round it seem like the music is extremely experimental. Although the auto-tune nearly over power it didn’t mask 2NE1’s confidence that shine through each song. The album is a required taste but it was a massive improvement  from the first mini album.

News broke out that Suk had spent some 850,000 USD and was relaying heavily on their comeback to increase already “fair” music sales. Suk discloses that within 5 days To Anyone has sold 100,000. That 2NE1 will mostly focus on their comebacks starting with SBS Inkigayo and MNet M!Countdown . The comeback performance would include all 3 singles lasting some 11 minutes. Which cause some controversy critics disagree with 11 minutes comeback of air time. Already earning #1 place wins on M!Countdown and Music Core. Even though other artist have claim #1 spot and  have not drop yet. People  began to question on whether or not 2NE1 success is true or a media fraud to convince fans to by their album.

On various music charts dated September 16th and 17th, it is readily apparent that 2NE1 is not first place. In numerous music charts, including Melon, Dosirak and Soribada, the first place song was J Lim and Jo Kwon’s “On the Way to Breakup” while 2NE1 placed first. According to Mnet, 2NE1’s favored music website, on September 16th, 2NE1 placed first, while on the 17th, J Lim and Jo Kwon placed first. Currently,the first place position is taken by J Lim and Jo Kwon.

Online music charts such as Melon places their rankings according to the scale of 40% streaming rates and 60% download rates. Dosirak too, places their rankings on a similar fashion where they consider both streaming and download components. J Lim’s album is currently not released offline yet, and she has not made a public appearance as well. However, it has been recorded that she has placed first along with Jo Kwon nevertheless, reinstating her great popularity. Meanwhile, 2NE1 placed first after their performance during a period where other girl groups were not present. Furthermore, the group’s first place position was then taken a week later by J Lim and Jo Kwon.

Even Suk claim of 2NE1 selling 100,000 copies is being question…..

However, in light of these controversies, it is still true that 2NE1 is showing strong power in offline music sales. According to one music vendor, “2NE1’s album has currently released 90,000 copies where 30,000 copies were sold.” Although these numbers indicate strong sales, it is far from what YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk stated regarding “100,000 copies being sold in just 5 days.”

It’s not uncommon for popularity to over shadow real progress in Korean music scene. YG isn’t guilty of over hyping their artist more like exploiting it to the fullest. To point the finger of bias popularity almost seem redundant. EVERY label is guilty of doing this during promotions periods. Critics this year have been more harsh, a sign of changing tides. Groups who were celebrated are now being question. Last year 2NE1 was caught in a plagiarism controversy which did not tarnish them but YG. In question were producers Teddy and Kush on their creation of “I Don’t Care.” Also targeting G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” and several others. It became more like a witch hunt then people showing genuine concerns.

This year not one plagiarism accusation against YG but a lot of  criticism. Its like the old saying ” Once your on top people are ready to knock you down.” Right now YG and their female group 2NE1 is on top and critics are ready to crucify on every little thing . Other labels are ready to dominate but YG fans are fiercely loyal and patient. Seem to have a higher tolerance to hypocrisy as abrasive criticism against 2Ne1 falls upon deaf ears. I don’t like 2NE1 and cringe on some songs feature on To Anyone but I have no ill feelings towards these girls. At the end you have to tip your hat off to them for being so bold. They do have talent despite Teddy’s need to auto-tune their voices. They have come a long way from being trainees to potential idols. The journey isn’t easy but its obvious these ladies are in it to win it.You just have to give them some props or STFU.

Source:Quotes AllKpop


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