Will.I.Am To Make 2NE1 GLOBAL?

will.I.am 2NE1

Kush(?) will.I.am and Teddy Park

There is something key when an artist(s) finds that right producer. Something magical happens if not totally mystical. Suddenly the Red Sea parts, the planets become a line, and frogs fall from the sky….wait minute that last one I think brings forth the plague……Anyway I could only dream the opportunity to work with great producers. Like Quincy Jones, Timbaland or even Dr.Dre. These men were truly pioneers, visionary, and   true artist in their quest for musical glory. The irony the men I mention weren’t even looking for that it sorta happen.

In fact most of your producers aren’t really looking to see their names plaster on a gold or platinum album plaques. But damn when the producer find the right artist it just happens. Making the union seem sacred  almost like a musical marriage for the world to over indulge and splurge  on for decades to come. So when I watch 2NE1, Teddy and Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas) collaborate on a new song. I was kinda curious but not quite blown away.

The new track is title “It Don’t Stop” and already the auto-tune is making me cringe. BUT Will.I.Am is a little more creative at executing auto-tune to were its a little bit more dynamic not drowning. Since the beginning  2NE1 main produce has been Teddy along with a few others. *I think Suk was channeling my thoughts while I lay in slumber on the idea of finding more diverse producers. 2NE1 hasn’t had their mega hit yet that YG is confident enough to allow them go international. 2NE1 hasn’t had their mega hit in South Korea yet. Okay calm down Black jacks and 2NE1 enthusiast. Take it from a no fan but musician if not an executive producers point of view. Their first mini album was extremely safe and catchy. “Fire” and “I Don’t Care” was able to establish the uniqueness 2NE1 posses and popularity. While their new album To Anyone resonates confidence and fiereceness. “Go Away” is pretty popular along with “Clap Your Hands” and “It Hurts” but no were near a mega hit. SNSD has “Genie”, Wonder girls have “Tell Me”, Big Bang has “Lies” etc… 2NE1 hasn’t quite establish their sound yet. Remember when I said To Anyone is extremely experimental and to any producer that is a good thing. Teddy along with the others (Kush, Perry, Big Tone etc..) develop a foundation. Now its time for someone to build the walls and make the writing very clear for ALL to see.

Yang Hyun Suk is excellent at creating Korean pop groups who stray from the norm. If Suk is serious about his little 2NE1 to become something more than another Korean idol group. Then he needs to buckle down and fixate more on 2NE1’s music. Even if that means bringing in foreign producers but who can creatively find 2NE1’s brand or signature sound. Without sacrificing the original agenda that is becoming more obvious. Korean music or  hallyu wave is spreading farther than the land of the morning calm. These Korean labels need to put their best foot forward. If you want to be like the Romans you better act like your Roman. In other words YG is good at incorporating western styles but its time they work with the pioneers that change westerns’ point of view on music. I think Will.I.Am is a stepping stone for this group. Until “It Don’t Stop” drops this can only bring 2NE1 a step forward regardless if fans like it or hate it Maybe 2NE1 will have the chance to work with Red One, Timbaland, Darkchild, or even Dr.Dre. Who knows the possibilities are endless as long your optimistic enough to reach them….also have some one like Suk who is willing to spend HUNDREDS  THOUSAND of dollars………..eat that SM.

*Don’t forget I plan studying entertainment business and marketing is crucial. So when I see an artist (American,Asian,European) I absorb everything from the music,marking, units, etc… what is working and wwhat needs serious improvement*


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