Co-Ed (남녀공학) Too Late

Oh is K-pop a wonderful and predictable world but then a massive size group Co-Ed comes along. Just to stir things up but still be true to hallyu. Co-Ed consists of 10 people 5 gals/girls and all can dance. The group is debuting with “Too Late”  which seems to be a hybrid of G-Dragon’s “Heatbreaker” and T-ara’s “I Go Crazy Because of You.”  The irony both of those songs seem eerie similar to Flo Rida’s “Rite Around” and Brittney Spears “Womanizer.” Either way this song has all the fixings of a K-pop commercial dance track.

A Song about love relations (check); Candy boys and girls (check); futuristic dark look (check) some blondes (triple check); and a crappy generic auto-tune pop dance beat that sounds like everything else in K-pop (CHECK CHECK  CHECK CHECK ). Still this group isn’t so bad.

MV To Late

M!Countdwon Performance

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