JYJ New Beginnings


Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like us?

Since last year  members of Korean pop group Dang Bang Shin Ki (DBSK)”Hero” Jaejoong, “Micky” Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu filed lawsuit against mega Korean label SM entertainment. The 3 men wanted better profit shares and refuse to sign a 13 year contract. SM claim all 3 men were being paid fairly and the lengthy contract was for overseas promotion. DBSK’s (also know as TVXQ China and Tohoshinki Japan) popularity has expand further than South Korea. Even though DBSK members Changmin and Yunho agree to the new terms Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu proceed to file papers with Soul District Courts. The 3 men have lawyered up and continue to fight SM until they reach a settlement or final verdict.

In the mist of this ongoing lawsuit Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu created a trio group name JYJ. Fans were delighted to see all 3 men continue in Japan under Avex entertainment. This year JYJ had mega success with the release of  DVD THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME and JYJ The… mini album to accommodate. Both the DVD and CD place #1 spots on Ociron Weekly Charts. Then news broke out of a first full album in the works. American producer Kanye West and Darkchild are to contribute. JYJ in interviews mention that this album will be promoted on a large-scale. Not only will Japanese fans  enjoy but also Korean, Chinese,etc… and the possibly of an Asia wide tour.

Just when things seem on the up for JYJ was hit with controversy. JYJ’s Korean management CJES entertainment is under investigation by police authorities. According to reports a rep’s son  is suspect to be leader in an extortion ring connected to CJES entertainment. Avex entertainment  disapprove of  CJES entertainment scandal.Giving grounds for Avex to terminate their contract agreement with JYJ. The trio and CJES  fired back claiming that the investigation has nothing to do with them but those individual parties.Avex entertainment still drop JYJ and later explain it was to risky to promote the group.You know the old saying another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Warner Music soon pick up the trio and will move forward with promotions.

Nothing is or stopping JYJ from releasing The Beginning that is schedule to drop 12th of October. The Luxury Package has already max out its pre-order of 99,999. In 2009 DBSK’s Mirotic sold 500,000 units. A difficulty that even the most well name Korean idol groups can not achieve. This new-found victory is bitter-sweet for DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki fans. With JYJ gaining popularity it’s becoming more obvious that the original 5 have come to an end. The final chapter of DBSK might just be finally written in  court but they will be remembered. Some fans still remain optimistic that all 5 will reunite while others already accepted disbandment. Either way JYJ is making new waves and are next to dominate.


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