Sucks To be MC Mong?

MC Mong is the odd man out in the K-pop world. He may not be the best looking guy that lacks beastly six-pack chocolate abs and candy boy charms. Mong manage to find some fame in a very superficial scene.Also  nick name “monkey” the charismatic rapper made his first debut back in 2003 with “180.” Since then MC Mong release His Story(2005),The Way I Am(2006),Show’s Just Begun (2008) and Humanimal (2009) and Humanimal: Horror Show.

MC Mong strong point is not tectonically in his music but comedic appearances on various variety shows. MC Mong has establish this funny man persona that seem to correspond perfectly with his humorous hip hop style. This past year as been extremely rough on the young man. With a break up and possible rumors of him dodging the draft. MC Mong is facing harsh criticism  and maybe jail time for his actions.

In South Korea native-born men must complete a 2-3 year mandatory military service. Unless you’re the only born male, given up citizenship, or have medical issues. For many Koreans regardless if they agree or disagree with this national rule its consider shameful not to complete.The most famous case of a Korean male dodging his mandatory military service was by actor/musician Steve Yoo. In early 2ooo’s Steve Yoo proclaim his Korean pride and willingness to serve his mandatory military duty. When Yoo was drafted he fled the country, neutralized his Korean citizenship and became an American. Fans and nation of South Korea was outrage by his action which led to exile end result destroying his career. Since then Yoo left a bad taste in Koreans mouths but reminded how many Korean men fear the draft.

Not all Korean men fear the draft and some enlist early like  Super Junior’s Kangin. While others like Oh Jinhwan (1tym),former members of Shinhwa Dong Wan, Lee Min Woo, Eric Mun, Jun Jin and other artist like Kangta waited to be draft. Forcing them to place their careers on hold but fulfill they’re duties as a Korean male citizen. MC Mong reason for delaying his draft almost borderline the ridiculous. According to reports MC Mong had some 12 teeth pulled allowing him to take up 10 different pain killers.Korean netizens felt that MC Mong purposely was dodging the draft by having such extreme dental surgery. On September 13th MC Mong left a message in his website to end all rumors to rest.

How could I try to cover the sky with my hand? What is the truth?

After worrying and worrying, I am writing this entry because I think it’s finally time for me to say something. First of all, I just want to say sorry to all the fans that trusted me, my company people, and the staff of 1N2D and the HahaMong Show.

The audience’s cheering is my oxygen, and it was my dream to make people laugh on shows. While working as a celebrity selling my face, I made small mistakes, but I didn’t live without principles.

I have already become “MC Mong, the guy who dodged military duty” in the news, the newspapers, and in your minds. When news broke out that I pulled 12 teeth, I became a piece of garbage, and when it was released that I actually pulled out four teeth to dodge military duty, I became a guy even more unscrupulous.

But I’ve never pulled out teeth to dodge military duty like it said in the press. All my missing teeth are teeth that were pulled out because they put me in a lot of pain and couldn’t considered healthy teeth.

If I can make it through this difficult situation, I hope people will be able to understand me and the truth. So, as Shin Dong Hyun the boy and MC Mong the entertainer, I will shed the stigma about me dodging military duty.

This didn’t indicate whether or not he is willing to serve his time but found the harsh criticism to be obscure. The relentless Korean netizens continue to nick pick at MC Mong. Claiming that the dental teeth removal was of healthy teeth. In order for him to qualify to be excuse for dental reasons. Even reports claim that Korean police have place Mong under investigation by Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and Korea Military Man Power Administration.For the past two-week he’s been keeping a super low profile. According to Mong’s agency IS EnterMedia Group he refuse to leave his home and is only keeping contact with close friends.This questionable shady  behavior has affected Mong’s professional work life. Removal from ‘1 Night 2 Days’ , ‘HaHaMong’ Show and ‘1N2D’. If Mong is found guilty he faces jail time and still has to serve the mandatory military time separately. Right now its safe to say “it sucks being MC Mong.”

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