JYP Coming After YG For Fall/Winter

YG entertainment has had their fair run this year. With the comeback and officially for coming of Gummy with Loveless. As a new heart-throb  dominates the K-pop charts Taeyang’s Solar and International. While a former king of dance Se7en revitalize his position with Digital Bounce and follow up single “I’m Going Crazy.”  Neither could compare to a rookie female group return that blew minds away. Promoting three singles and a hunger for complete K-pop control. 2NE1’s To Anyone surpass its expectation of winning some 10 music show trophies  taking over Music Bank,M!Countdown, Music Core and Inkigayo. Including random pop ups on various music charts across the world. Thus far in South Korea it seems 2NE1 has turn the scene into a “one group show.” Fans are just to hypnotize by 2NE1’s charismatic charm and energy charge dance tracks. Other Korean base pop acts male or female, soloist or co-ed just can’t defeat this fierce group.

As the summer comes to an end one contender is ready to give mighty YG the K.O. Right now YG may be on top but JYP entertainment isn’t ready to allow this label to rule. There is no room for music dictatorship but constant reassurance from rival labels “your still not on top.” This year JYP focus on promoting Wonder Girls (internationally) and helping fellow affiliated label AQ with Miss A. while sister label Cube focus on expanding 4minute’s presence in Japan and BEAST(B2ST) return. Despite the mini distraction JYP is focus and determine to rule this year.

First) The return of 2pm

There is so much hype surrounding by 2pm’s comeback. This can off set the balance of YG’s 2NE1 domination by bringing back the beastly boys. Tracklist of their new up in coming album Still 2:00pm has been reveal.

– I’ll Be Back (JYP, Shim Eunji, Jo Jongsu)

– 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me) (Super Changddai)

– Dance Tonight (Bang Yuhyun, Park Sejun (Soul Connection))

– I Can’t (Lee Doohyun, a.k.a Ra.D)

– I Know (Jo Songsu, a.k.a Fame J)

– I’ll Be Back – Club mix (JYP, Tommy Park)


With two situational teaser One) New concept look and Two) and audio teaser of “I’ll Be Back”

There isn’t much information on 2pm’s comeback just that it happens next week on MNet M!Countdown. What fans can figure out from the teasers that 2pm’s comeback will be epic and this is the final line up. At the end of 2009 2pm continue to be a solid six even though their leader Jay Park has left to pursue a solo career after contract termination. Fans (The Hottest) were devastated over the final termination. Which cause a wave of concern and controversy when news broke out of a first full album. 2pm name the album The First album 1:59 and debut with “Heartbeat” and end their promotions with “Tired of Waiting.” Sporting a more edger look than normal. 2pm follow-up with “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” single and mini EP that also feature “Without U.” 2pm continue to move forward without a leader possessing the same ambition and drive since their first debut in 2008.

Second) The return of 2am

JYP isn’t just focus on bringing  back 2pm, contemporary pop act 2am will make a comeback in the same month. A double dose of chocolate six-pack abs with heart melting vocals.2am dazzle fans with “I Was(Did) Wrong(잘못했어)” feature on 1st Mini Album (repackage/잘못했어) earlier this year.

Although “I Did Wrong” was auto-tune the track is brilliantly put together and did not mask 2am ability to sing a flawless ballad. In recent news Korean producer “Hitman” Bang release web letters focus on 2am’s comeback activities.

The stream of web letters disclosed that 2am first “regular” album will drop 26th of October. This will include six new songs along with a special edition. The regular and limited edition will follow two different “visual” concept not music. Also 2am will promote two title songs while first is refer to “Song First.” The boys willl have more creative control on this new album verse thoughs of the past.To follow more and 2am’s comeback visit  www.2am.ibighit.com (Big Hit Entertainment) or Hitman’s me2day account http://me2day.net/hitman.

The year isn’t over with and YG is in the works of bringing forth a bigger comeback. Big Bang who’s been absent in South Kore for the past two years and possible a second G-Dragon solo. Either way JYP is ready,so far fans  are patiently waiting to make 2pm and 2am their number one.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 현기
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 01:23:45

    It’s funny i was visiting family in Prescott Arizona and I was in KMoMo at the Prescott Gateway Mall and 난 바빠 starts playing on the radio! i was jamming in that store haha everyone was staring at me!


    • spazifyouwantto
      Oct 09, 2010 @ 18:28:59

      Really 2Ne1’s I’m Busy (난 바빠 ) was playing? Damn where i live its K-pop bias. Never heard a Korean pop group ever played in a mall in Florida. That is why this state sucks. 😦


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