2pm Sill 2:00pm( 미니앨범)(EP)

OMG its time for the beastly boys to return and wreak havoc on the airwaves. Since 2009 2pm has went into over drive to revitalize their image. After loosing their fierce leader Jaebeom(Jay Park) the group has been place under a microscope by  scrutinized disgruntled fans. Since the release of 1:59 1st full album and  EP Don’t Stop Can’t Stop. 2pm has made their message very clear. We’re a six man crew and here to stay no matter what.

Once again 2pm reclaims their place as the princess of Korean dance pop. Their new MV for “I’ll Be Back” doesn’t fail to impress even the most doubtful of fans. 2pm is up to  their old charming  ways but with a more edger image and a shuffle dance.

Very rarely do I ever give an artist(s) the ‘5 star approval.’ This year only two albums have ever taken me to a place of full musical enjoyment, Gummy’s Loveless and SHINee’s Lucifer (what a shocker). My expectations for 2pm’s Still 2:00pm were optimistic. Despite the mix reaction from fans I feel the album is a major improvement. It was evident in 1:59 the guys were a stick in the mud. The additive track “Heartbeat” reinsurance 2pm is still distant for hallyu glory. But if you listen to the album more carefully, even though it was dance had a lot of complex layers. I don’t feel the full album wasn’t  vocally aggressive like Don’t Stop Can’t Stop EP. The second single “Without U” prove 2pm got their groove back and was free from the emotional rut of leader disbandment.

Still 2:00pm challenges each member vocally and composer wise its ear candy. Tracks like “I’ll Be There” stays true to 2pm new-found confidence as “Still Intro” is a slight tweak variations of the main title chorus. The dancelicious club favorites(with little auto-tune) are “Even If You Leave Me(니가 나를 떠나도)”  and “I Know.” Is your typical 2pm style and fashionably  hallyu. There is two-tracks in particular  that are outstanding and hidden treats. The emotional acoustic number “I Can’t” oozes raw emotions. 2pm vocals harmonize perfectly creating an atmosphere. While “Dance2Night” brings back the 90’s r&b/pop flavor that Korean listener of the new generation have long forgotten or no knowledge. Reminds me of the days of BoysIIMen and their hit “Motownphilly.” Through the 60’s up to early 2000’s was Black music r&b/hop hop golden years. 2pm’s “Dance2Night” is a perfect up beat song and ending to Still 2:00pm.Thus far this album has receive my 5 star approval for fixating on the vocal contrast and adding diversity to a boxed sound. Keeping true to 2pm’s original concept but bringing  back old school ideals for Korean listeners to indulge. Without relaying so heavily on auto-tune to add texture and stifle creativity. I hope fans will learn to appreciate this album from the image, to lyrics down to the carefully orchestrated musical/vocal  craftsmanship of JYP composers/mixers/editors/producers.

2pm Sill 2:00pm is available for pre-order yesasia.com (10.99)drops 19th of October


01. Still (Intro)
02. I’ll be back(main title)
03. 니가 나를 떠나도(Even If You Leave Me)
04. I Can’t
05. I Know
06. Dance2Night
07. I’ll be back (Club mix)


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