Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and JYJ Global Takeover?

“good music should be heard all over he world.”-Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins

Mega American producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins has work with the most elite of western artists. From the late great king of Pop Michael Jackson to his little sister Janet Jackson. Also with two jaw dropping pop divas Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Producing this year’s biggest smash hit “Telephone.” It’s no wonder why JYJ has team up with him to guarantee some global success. After his short interview I’m all hype up for JYJ The Beginning….

Hyped and optimistic is my mood and a little bit on the concerning side. This isn’t the first time Darkchild has work with an Asian import of mega status. Lets not forget Se7en debut in America that took some two years to prepare. With the release of “Girls” feat. Lil Kim it barely got the famous Asian singer notice. There was an issues between Se7en’s American management and his Korean (YG Entertainment) that stunt his growth.   I don’t think the song was hot enough to compete with American r&b artists but at the same time. The total lack of management  support can make a huge difference between a success and  a total bust.

Other countless Korean acts have try to cross over including SM’s Boa Kwon and  JYP’s Wonder Girls. Even though Korean artists may have difficulty finding their place in the vast waste lands of American music industry, Japanese stars seem to find the light. Anyone from Miyavi, Dir en Grey, to X-Japan have built solid fan bases in North American. Their introduction into North American is through various  other media outlets. The popularity of Japanese anime and it’s followers in North American are in the millions. Many of visual kei and other alternative/indie base Japanese rock bands bridge the musical gap between two nations. Whether it’s through online mainstream social portal sites like Myspace, domestic MP3 super suppliers Apple iTunes Store or through movies/anime series aired in the U.S. All these media/distribution elements gives the leeway for Japanese artist to go west.

For Korean music listeners its far more difficult to achieve. Its only be a couple of years since hallyu wave become notice on an international scale. To western producers  the east is a “final frontier” of modern music. Korean music industry is still in infancy and hasn’t quite expanded enough. It’s a bold move for JYJ to work with mega American producers like Darkchild and Kanye West. Making a louder statement that you must let go “old school way of thought” when its comes to the music business. At the moment the mood is doubtful if  JYJ can pull off The Beginning. If your like me you can’t really miss what hasn’t been measure in this case achieved. Right now American hip hop/dance quartet Far East Movement is #2 on Billboards Hot 100. American is willing to accept Asian artists as long they come with guns blazin’.

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  1. anafreelovesgaga
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 23:50:47

    Anyway, I think Gaga is the best. I recorded myself singing her songs, give me some advice!
    Hope people like it, lol.


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