JYJ The Beginning Album and U.S Tour Dates

JYJ(Jaejoong,Yoochun,Junsu) The Beginning is being digitally release. Hard copies of the release haven’t been confirmed as Warner Music Korea, SM and CJSE entertainment settle their dispute. In the meantime links of the new English album has been drop. JYJ is one of the many Asian base artist to release a full English album. There is a constant worry over pronunciations and western listeners supporting eastern artists. JYJ doesn’t fail to impress even though some of the English is a little difficult to understand.

Over all the album musically is well crafted it pleases not only Asian fans but western. The Beginning is a mixed genre base album with little dance/auto-tune influence. I have to give Rodney”Darkchild” Jerkinds his credit for “Empty” and “Be My Girl.” I love “Empty” catchy dance but “Be My Girl” is true Darkchild style. Kanye West “Ayyy Girl” is catchy and I can vision this on American r&b charts. While “I Can Soar” Junsu solo will melt your heart.”I love You” string instrumentals are elegantly done instead of sounding like genric blah. Flowsik who is a Korean-American rapper from Queens(New York) husky voice fits the mood. For some reason “Be The One” has a Korean vibe to me. Either way kids this album has my 5 ***** star approval.  I hope The Beginning will free JYJ from SM and allow these boys go international.

JYJ The Beginning available for pre-order on yesasia.con (Normal/Special/Poster varies in prices) Drops 21stand25th of October..unless delays are continued

Korean fans can download purchase on bugs.co.kr

01. Intro ( Composed by Brian Kim / BJD ) 0’48″
02. Ayyy Girl_Feat. Kanye West / Malik Yusef ( Composed by Kanye West, Kyoko Hamler, Ebony Latrice Batts, Malik Yusef / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, Ebony Latrice Batts, Malik Yusef ) 4’20’’
03. Empty ( Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker ) 3’35”
04. Be My Girl ( Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker ) 3’16”
05. Still in Love ( Composed by Kim, Jaejung / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler ) 4’22”
06. I Can Soar ( Composed by Kim, Junsu / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler ) 4’40”
07. I Love You_Feat. Flowsik (Composed by Park, Yucheon / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, Flowsik) 4’52”
08. Be The One ( Composed by Jae Chong / Lyrics by Jae Chong, Terry Shorter ) 3’12”
09. Ayyy Girl_DJ EON Remix 4’10”
10. Empty_DJ EON Remix 3’58”
11. Be My Girl_DJ EON Remix 4’00”

JYJ U.S Tour…. more like a four dates thus far

11/12 – New York
11/13 – San Francisco
11/14 – Las Vegas
11/19 – Los Angeles

Best way to follow information on JYJ tour dates is by:http://www.facebook.com/JYJtour


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