1tym Fans Angered over 2010 YG family Concert

I need  Jinusean and 1tym to please report back to YG, Jinusean and 1tym please report back to YG, IMMEDIATELY

Once again the horrors of K-pop strike s again. This time its Korean netizens for 1tym.

Last YG family gathering.


YG패밀리. 진짜 ‘패밀리’ 맞아요?”

YG엔터테인먼트의 팬들 중 일부가 뿔났다. 오는 12월 4일과 5일 서울 올림픽공원 체조경기장에서 YG소속가수들이 총출동하는 ‘2010 YG 패밀리 콘서트’가 열리는 가운데 YG소속 가수 일부가 콘서트에 등장하지 않는다는 이유에서다.

YG소속 원타임의 멤버 송백경은 최근 트위터에 “안타깝게도 저와 진환이형은 콘서트 출연에 관한 것에 대한 아무런 이야기를 듣지 못했으므로 아마 출연 안할 듯”이라는 글을 썼다. 그러면서 팬들에게 “너무 아쉬워들 마세요. 싸이형과 더불어 알찬 우리 후배 동생들이 더 멋지고 환상적인 무대를 꾸며드릴테니까요. 전 요즘 신경통. 요통에 시달리는지라 무대에 서면 지팡이 짚고 노래해야할 기세”라고 말했다.

송백경이 콘서트 무대에 서지 못하는데 대해 ‘쿨’하게 입장을 밝혔지만 기존 원타임 골수팬 등 일부 YG팬들은 화가 단단히 났다. 블로그나 연예게시판 등에 “원타임과 지누션이 출연자 명단에 없다. 원조 멤버들이 빠진 공연을 제대로 된 YG콘서트라 할 수 있느냐”. “원타임. 지누션 등이 신곡 활동이 없어 공연에서 제외했다면 신곡을 안냈기는 콘서트에 출연하는 빅뱅 역시 마찬가지 아니냐”는 반응을 보이고 있다. 또 소속 가수들 중 이른바 잘 나가는 이들만 챙기기 급급한 게 아니냐며 “그러고도 ‘패밀리’라고 할 수 있느냐”고 꼬집었다.

김상호기자 sangho94@

Source: Sports Seoul nate.news

A portion of YG Entertainment fans have expressed their anger over the “2010 YG Family Concert” opening on December 4th and 5th due to a few number of YGE artists not attending.

1TYM member Song Baek Kyung recently tweeted, “Unfortunately, Jinhwan hyung and I will not be participating in the concert. We have not been told anything about the concert so we are assuming that we will not be attending it.”

He then consoled his fans by stating, “Please don’t be too upset. Our PSY hyung and our talented juniors will be showing off an even more amazing and fantastic performance. I’ve been suffering from neuralgia and backache anyway. I’d need a cane to stand on stage and sing.”

Although Song Baek Kyung gave a ‘cool’ response in not being able to participate in YG’s concert, 1TYM’s fans have been expressing their extreme anger towards the company through personal blogs and entertainment message boards, leaving comments such as, “1TYM and Jinusean were not even listed on the lineup. How can you call the concert a proper YG Family concert when the original artists aren’t even present?”, “Just because 1TYM and Jinusean have not been releasing new songs does not mean they can be excluded. Big Bang has not released any songs in a while either, why are they attending?“, and “They’re too busy giving attention to only those that are profitable. How can they call themselves a family?”

Source:Translation AllKpop

Last promotions back in 2005


Leave it to Baek Kyoung to bring peace and restore harmony.

There is ever a few times that I agree with Korean netizens but this is one of those times. They  have a valid point to be upset with YG not having Jinusean and 1tym in the line. Their not in the military or dead so really whats the excuse? On the other hand maybe fans are jumping to conclusion and bullying Suk. Nothing says you’re “full of BS” when a mass number of people question your intentions. On top of that I sniff a possible boycott. Fans shouldn’t punish this label and Suk for his forgetful ways. I mean lets just break down what happen this year

  1. Gummy final signs to YG after being under the sister label MBoat and drops Loveless. Which was a total surprise to YG fans.
  2. Big Bang’s TOP drops “Turn It Up” and is the first YG artists on iTunes.
  3. Taeyang release his followup to HOT(2008) and digital singles “Where U At” (2009) and Wedding Dress” (2009) with SOLAR then later International. Both ranking #2 on Canada’s iTunes r&b charts behind Usher.
  4. Se7en after 3 years out drops Digital Bounce and ranks #17 on iTunes r&b list. With “I’m Going Crazy” as the followup.
  5. YG launches 2NE1 comeback with 3 songs “Clap Your Hands,” Go Away and” “It Hurts.” To Anyone makes it #1 within 2 weeks and appears on several different charts around the world. Ranks #1 briefly on Canada’s hip hop iTunes charts. Despite harsh criticism 2NE1 snags some 10+ music show trophies.The most won by a Korean artists this year.
  6. YG launches YG Life and 2NE1 TV Season 2 that features Se7en, Teddy and Big Bang with Gummy slot missing (once again).
  7. YG signs PSY and drops PSY Five and snags an endorsement for Cass Lite and is added to YG Family.
  8. Currently, YG is focus on Big Bang comeback for Korean fans and 2NE1 collaboration with Wil.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas.
  9. In the mist of all this Teddy increases his resume as a producer for YG by dropping tracks for almost EVERY YG artist listed.
  10. This includes Kush of former duo Stony Skunk (Skull left)

When you think about it YG this year has been pretty busy. I’m just shock Yang Hyun Suk was able to pull all this off. Suk isn’t the best and brightest of business men. Suffers from tunnel vision which is good for the artists. Because that means he’ll pay close attention to their needs. This doesn’t mean he’ll always be fully confident at promoting each artist under YGE. Or be very persuasive with disgruntled fans tired of him forgetting the original people who built this label from ground up. There is an old saying “Those who we’re good artist are lousy at business and artist lousy at music make good business”. You can figure out where Suk fits in since he was a former member of Seo Taiji and Boyz.

If you’re still pretty piss off, check out Taebin (Danny 1tym) new body. puts JYP boys to shame.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Langit13iru
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 11:05:16

    About the last pic. Erm… Danny is matured man and he already building his body for past few years already. Unlike JYP boys that just starting.

    Maybe Danny working out due to eat, clubbing and doing nothing much few years back not in KR.US.JP.


    • spazifyouwantto
      Oct 21, 2010 @ 23:02:24

      Danny wasn’t THAT big back in the day. Maybe he is preparing for a comeback. That body needs to be admire and not hidden. You have to say bigger boys are becoming more of the norm. I just have to say when is SHINee gonna be fed?


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