Ready For PSY?

PSY comeback  lights a fire under YG by stirring up some controversy. In his MV PSY cause a riot in the streets. The track “Right Now” is catchy and has people jumping out their seats and shaking what mam bless them.

PSY Vol.5 PSYFive is available for pre-order (14.99)Drops October 22nd

Also available on YGeShop (13,400 )


01. 싸군
03. 오늘밤새
04. 내 눈에는 (feat.이재훈)
05. THANK YOU (feat.서인영)
06. 예술이야
07. 설레인다
08. 서울의 밤거리 (feat.YDG)
09. 그래서 그랬어 (feat.정엽)
10. 미치도록
11. 솔직히 까고말해
12. 나의 WANNA BE

*PSY will be performing at 2010 YG Family Concert including Gummy,Se7en,2NE1 and Big Bang *


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