YG Gets Pirate on iTunes

Don't mess with la familia

Be careful of what you download it maybe a fake.

I guess some people are so desperate to make a buck their willing to commit a felony.

In recent months, YG Entertainment and their artists have been scheduling iTunes release dates which coincide with their Korean release dates, in hopes of convenience to fans living abroad.

However, it seems like a certain individual(s) have been re-releasing songs on behalf of YG Entertainment. A laughable example is 2NE1, whom had only released a mini-album titled Fire and a full length album released last month called To Anyone. It is apparent that a company called ‘2ne1‘ had released an album consisting of acapella tracks – manipulated by a free program, and songs from their previous and new album.

It doesn’t stop here though, the accused fraud company named Robert Blackwell and Jerry Rhoton has also taken advantage of YG Entertainment’s popular group Big Bang and also solo singer Se7en.

What makes it unusual is that YG Entertainment can sell songs on iTunes without any help from a third party company.

If you plan on buying anything from iTunes anytime soon, double check its from the company you want to pay!


* 2ne1 acapella
* Big Bang Big Show 2010
* Best of Big Bang 2006-2010
* Best of Se7en
* You Are My Everything – Se7en’s Love

This is why illegal download is up 30%



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