Rain Been Naughty Again?????

Rain Bi

Innocent or gulty?

Hallyu heart-throb and co-founder of J.Tune entertainment Rain (Bi) is being accuse of owning some 150,00 USD. That he borrow from a man name Andrew Kim back in June of 2007. In order to pay baccarat payment  at Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

According to Andrew Kim him and Rain have been close friends since 2006.The two became familiar since Kim is an affluent IT Business man. Supported Rain on his World Tour back in 2007 and even discuss doing business together. Kim later explain that Rain had a “gambling problem” and would bet some 1,000-10,000 USD in Bellagio luxury casino.During his brief stay in Las Vegas. Also that Rain rented two private airplanes and Mercedes-Benz while staying at the hotel. Kim loan Rain the money on the promise he would “pay him back.” Since Rain is a well know star and dear friend Kim didn’t have to worry.

The years past by and now Andrew Kim wants his 150,000 USD paid in full and is filing lawsuit against Rain. J.Tune entertainment CEO Jo Dong Won claims that Kim story “is a fictitious story.” Even though eye-witness saw Rain gamble such a large amount in the casino.When ask if Rain did gamble while he was staying in Las Vegas. Jo Dong Won respond  ““We’re not saying that Rain didn’t go to Las Vegas. What we’re asking for are clarifications on the standards of gambling . Let’s say, for example, that Rain played with $1,000 USD in a week. Can you really call that gambling?”

Despite Jo Dong Won answer Andrew Kim has lawyer up and is ready to go to American court with proof. J.Tune has taken the necessary pro-cations  to protect their star. J.Tune has turn down any rumors of Rain having a serious gambling problem. The label has “dismissed all allegations” that Kim publicly spoken against Rain. If this argument continues it may lead to an investigation and a counter lawsuit from J.Tune entertainment. Who stress Rain isn’t part of this issue. Despite the backlash from critics and concerning fans some question the intentions of both men. Since in Asia even well know idols admit to having gambling issues and debt. I guess not everything stays in Vegas.

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