2NE1 vs SNSD Who Will Claim October?

2NE1 To Anyone album has spark a lot of popularity but stability? Its something that I question despite their three single promotions. October continues to march on as comeback, after comeback with big name idol groups.

Dara lost a fight to a hair dryer

YG entertainment disclosed that 2NE1 will do  a followup single “It Hurts.”An off beat jazz number, total 160 from the auto-tune dance crap….yeah I said it.

“It Hurts” MV drops October 30th, Dara will be given the lead part and fans believe it because she has the LEAST amount of lines(?). Kim Hye  Jung is the director who also did G-Dragon’s “Butterfly” music video. The comeback performance for “It Hurts” start October 31st on SBS Inkigayo. Just in time to compete against SNSD who is  promoting “Hoot.” Who will claim K-pop this month its anybody game.

SNSD “Hoot” Music Bank Comeback

Can 2NE1 knock the mighty SNSD down or just follow in their footsteps?

In other news 2NE1 is crossing over to Japan. There isn’t much details on the matter. 2NE1 has sign up with Avex entertainment, the same label once close with SM entertainment. YG successful develop a fan base for Big Bang in Japan with Universal Music. Even though it took the group some two years and a stiff competitor Tohoshinki to drop out. 2NE1 is suspecting to release a CD+DVD combo sometime in November.Also lets not forget about the Wil.I.Am collaboration. Seems like YG is cashing in on the recent success of SNSD and Kara. Both female Korean idol groups broke into Oricon Top 10 weekly singles, DVD charts and iTunes Japan. Claiming 1st and 2nd place spots with outstanding units sales.


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