2NE1 TV Season 2 Episode 8

Watching reality shows has become painful for this bunny. Its just straight 2NE1 with no Big Bang or Teddy.

Part 1

Note:Teddy(hat/hoodie) has to be fed at a certain time or he'll turn into a gremlin

This clip is more of 2NE1 and Wil.I.Am awkwardness  as they continue to work on their up in coming English track. Teddy for some reason is quiet like the dead and randomly pops up during chow time.Park Bom and Minzy discuss some stuff.I don’t know Hangul but I can imagine it went something like this…


Bom:”So Minzy how was your day”?

Minzy: “Ah,weren’t you there”?

Bom:”Yes, but was it awesome”?

Minzy:”Yeah, it was awesome because I was there.”

Bom:”Don’t forget me…

Minzy:”Yeah your cool too…”

Bom:”No, I’m awesome”

Minzy:”Yeah okay we’re both awesome”

More from Dara and Park Bom on Strong Heart. The two girls leave and have some tasty beef  or some type of red meat for dinner. So tasty Bom the bunny turns into a dinosaur and eats everything in sight. While Dara turns into a tiger…the two battle over their grilled killed.  After the carnivores return from their much needed feast, rest for the day. Short clip of BTS during a music show performance. Somebody needs to shot the stylist who keeps f’n up Dara’s hair. The girls make their getaway on a train or subway. With the hunter’s moon guiding their journey home.

Part 2

Poor Bom spoils her dinner

More of Minzy and Bom at a dog cafe somewhere in Seoul. Dara calls Bom, again I don’t know Hangul but it might have went something like this…

Dara:”CL and I made dinner.Did you eat already?


Dara:”You did, spoil your dinner!”

Minzy vs The box:Who will win?

Dara continues to show off her intellect by reading a graphic novel. While Minzy gets lost in a box..no I did not make that one up this time. During packing which has little progress Dara picks up a guitar and shows off her John Mayor skills.After that the girls go shopping at a furniture store  with  boss man Yang Hyun Suk.2NE1 for some god awful reason must touch and look at everything in the store.Embarrassed, Yang Hyun Suk leaves them like a mortified parent. While in the electronic department SNSD is playing in back ground and no one cares.

Some more BTS moments of their newest music video “Its Hurts.” Dara looses a fight with a hair dryer and Bom goes green. While CL turns into a bird and Minzy dresses like a crazy bag lady. I figure out their costumes for this MV. Dara shows off some acting skills by crying and staring creepily into the camera. Next week 2NE1 visit California Disney Land and a bunch of other stuff.


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