2NE1 Japan Debut Delay???

I guess YG and Avex aren’t ready just yet to unleash 2Ne1 auto-tune madness on J-pop fans. On 2NE1 official Japanese website deliver some bad news for the Blackjacks.

“We have an announcement about 2NE1’s Japanese release.

First of all, we received an overwhelming response after announcing 2NE1’s Japanese debut with us, so we would like to thank you for that.

YG Entertainment Japan and Avex Entertainment have decided to delay the release of 2NE1’s Japanese album, originally scheduled for December 8th, in order to meet the high expectations.

To be more specific, we wanted to make sure the content was absolutely satisfactory for their debut in Japan.

It will make the fans wait a little longer, but the company asks for the fans’ understanding, patience, and continued support as they prepare 2NE1’s Japanese debut to meet everyones’ anticipations and expectations.“

Avex also advised fans to disregard any declarations made by “outside sites” about the album being “cancelled”.


Maybe YG is taking a more cautious approach in making sure 2NE1 Japanese debut is similar to their South Korea. Going to Japan is almost like going to Americas. With less televised resources strictly focusing on music 2NE1 needs a far more aggressive game plan. On top of that the ability to some what sing the native tongue doesn’t hurt.  Acts like SNSD and Kara broke on Oricon top 10 because they were able to sing Japanese. Just had the right pop sings that J-poppers went nuts about.This can be an important factor if not vital for any foreign Asian group. Japanese fans stay optimistic that 2Ne1 will debut at least by the end of this year…at least.



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  1. fay602
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 04:24:01

    lol…”2ne1 auto tune madness”


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