Beast (B2ST) Light Go On Again

Forth album in and BEAST has define their sound much quicker than even the bigger name idols. Lights Go Out Again 4th mini album is a followup to Mastermind. Once again Cube entertainment never fails to impress me. In past interviews during their Mastermind promotion BEAST stress the importance of having a variety of music and range. I think Lights Go Out Again ties BEAST concept all up. From the beginning up til now you see a genuine growth within the band. Both musically and over all image,production value etc…. I wonder why fans got confuse by “Beautiful” sounding too much like “V.I.U (Very Important You.” I think it was the usage of the word “you” that had some fans scratching their heads. BEAST is wise to promote “Lights Go Out Again” to me this song sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s the level of vocalization that makes the song pop. How lyrically it smooths the vocals to accent the acoustic guitar. Everything is in perfect harmony intertwining with the melody. Creating this requiem like atmosphere  without the visual.”Lightness” is a catchy pop song but a little bit more mellow for a Korean song.While “니가 제일 좋아” I feel is the sleeper. My most  favorite track  is “I’m Sorry.” BEAST vocals harmonize in perfect pitch on this track.Which just grabs you instantly the first couple of seconds you hear it from start to finish. Overall I give this album **** stars. I think Light Go Out Again satisfieds BEAST fans but also music lovers. There is something for everybody on this mini album to enjoy.

Light Go Out Again Teaser

BEAST Light Go On Again available from pre-order on Drops November 11 Korean fans 9th.


01. Lights go on again (1:46)
02. Beautiful (3:36)
03. 니가 제일 좋아 (3:22)
04. Lightless (3:24)
05. I’m sorry (3:14)


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