2Ne1 TV Season 2 Episode 9

I totally forgot about this to busy watching Bad Girls on Oxygen network.

2NE1 taste like chicken

I’m guess these are the final episodes of 2NE1 tV Season 2. Episode 9 focus more on 2NE1 working with Wil.I.Am in the studio. For the up in coming English track/ Japan promotions that has been delay.Park  Bom pop up more with Dara tagging along. While Minzy goes out and explores the board walk in L.A and skate park. Girls spend some time at Walt Disney amusement parks and almost get eaten by a hippo.

Part 1

The second part shows more Big nag working ghoulishly on their third album. The boys have fun and Taeyang out of desperation makes Daesung his ideal girl.

I need a girl with a Louis Vuittion bag,apple hair and dumpling

Big Bang screws around in the recording studio. 2NE1 is in Japan preparing for a performance. Creating fans, pikcing out stage outfits and receiving the quickest “2NE1 What’s Up” entrance from TOP. Even PSY has made a little appearance.

Part 2


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