JYJ Hold Free Concerts

I am total moved by JYJ actions to keep their U.S Tour going despite the massive lost in sales. JYJ was unable to receive their P1 visas which allow them to perform in their concerts earning the profits. JYJ can not perform without their working visa which almost ruin the U.S Tour altogether can not gain any type of profits without those visa being valid.

Despite not having their working visas JYJ will perform their concerts for free. Refunding tickets to thsoe fans who already made purchase starting 12pm on the 11th November 2010 on Tickemaster.

Dear Fans,

As you all know, we have not had it easy in this journey. It seemed as though every step of the way, it became more and more difficult to share our lives’ passion with all of you. Recently we were denied the ability to perform in the US by a rejection of our visa but – the show MUST go on.

In appreciation of all of you being the best fans in the world, we’ve decided to do the US Showcase Tour for FREE. Thank you for all of your loving support and understanding.

Can’t wait to see all of you very soon.


Jejung / Yuchun / Junsu

Source: Entitled Entertainment Additional: Allkpop

This says a lot about JYJ, they are truly artists dedicated to their fans not the dollar.

You can support JYJ by purchasing The Beginning available on yesasia.com also on iTunes

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