JYJ U.S Tour Cassie Fans Beware

Allkpop has just post an article stating that JYJ U.S Tour is in a state of complete cancellations. Due to poor management, preparations and venues pulling out. On the eve of their first U.S concert set for New York.

AllKpop article Nothing has been altar

JYJ has been surrounded by a lot of controversy lately due to the sudden cancellations of their SeattleSan Francisco, and Hawaii stops on their ‘JYJ World Tour‘.  Now, multiple sources close to the tour have recently come forward to allkpop and have disclosed that preparations for the remaining three stops (New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles) have been nothing short of a free-flowing disaster.

According to these sources, JYJ’s PR team was scheduled to go to the Korean press this morning to announce the cancellation of the entire U.S. leg of their world tour.

The tour was already on the verge of a breakdown, as the shows were already privately called off at two or three different times. Yet somehow, they decided that the show had to limp on, despite the fact that the boys now no longer had venues to perform in.

Apparently, the respective venues for each stop were contacted this morning and informed that the shows were off. Now though, after their most recent change of heart, the production team is scrambling to re-book or find alternative stages for JYJ to perform on, as a way of avoiding cancelling the shows altogether.

With the New York show less than 24 hours away, their team is already racing against the clock. However, the team has been served a shorter deadline from the higher echelons of the agency – if venues cannot be secured in 12 hours, JYJ’s management will pull the plug on the entire U.S. operation.

Even if JYJ’s team did manage to find venues, the sources declared that they’re forced at this point to make at least one of them a free concert. The boys allegedly can’t get working visas, and so they’re unable to claim an income from the sales. Fans who have already purchased the expensive tickets can feel a little relief in knowing that they will be reimbursed fully, regardless of whether the show will go on or not.

An announcement made over JYJ’s official ‘US Tour’ Facebook page (“HUGE NEWS BREWING. STAY TUNED…“) indicated to our sources that it could only be one of the two aforementioned outcomes: a free show (which is what they are shooting for), or the cancellation of the entire U.S. tour.

Just to be clear, there is no official confirmation from JYJ’s people that they have indeed cancelled all three remaining shows.  However, sources within JYJ’s camp have regrettably acknowledged that our information surrounding the tour is accurate.  So unless a minor miracle happens, fans may be in for crushing news, but either way, the bottom line is that things are a mess.

Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates on this breaking news.

Update: If we didn’t make it clear enough, please realize that this is not the direct fault of JYJ themselves. We have not said anything, nor have we inferred anything of the sort.

Rather, we believe that this mess revolves around patchy planning and faulty management, along with schemes made by public relations individuals to try and twist the reality of the situation into something that would make it appear more attractive to the fans.

Furthermore, while you should rightfully feel sympathetic for JYJ, please also remember the staff, venues, vendors, and all the other innocent bystanders who were caught up in the crossfire of poor decision-making. JYJ will always have your support to lean on, but the lives of others who were adversely affected do not have anything nearly as strong to support them.

For now, JYJ fans should simply hope that their management can pull everything together at the last minute and put on a great show for all their loyal supporters, even if it is a free concert.

Hope that helps clarify things.

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Like you I am deeply concern whether or not JYJ will perform state side. So I did some google search and find this article EXTREMELY miss leading.

I visit both the main website JYJ U.S Tour http://www.entitledent.com/jyj/ Click on the links provided by Ticketmaster. Which are still active and accepting sales. None said cancellations or pulled for refunds. I also visit JYJ U.S Tour facebook http://www.facebook.com/JYJtour#!/JYJtour?v=wall Only finding information about Hawaii’s cancel tour date. Even visit JYJ U.S Tour Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/jyjustour Again only finding info about Hawaii’s cancel tour date but not others.

I don’t know what the hell K-pop is talking about. I’m so confuse by this barge of  negative press suddenly surrounding JYJ. On the day before of their first concert state side. I don’t know if this is a fluke publicity stunt. Either way this is becoming one massive mess in a matter of hours. I guess Cassie fans need to relay on info from main website and just ignore outside sources. Only on Nov.12 we’ll know if JYJ is on or off their highly anticipating U.S.Tour.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Koko Yoki
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 12:03:04

    allkpop has always been on my shitlist… then Tokyohive… there run by the same ppl… >_> I dont trust ANYTHING coming from those two sites… Thanx for the info dear! thanx for all of ur hard work!


  2. Tiffany
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 14:24:38

    Thank you thank you thank you! As much as I enjoy reading AKP for random gossip and stuff… When it comes down to real news, they suck at providing the right information. Research your “news” before posting, please!


  3. What?
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 15:40:07

    So basically, what allkpop posted is true. They are having trouble and they had to hold a free concert, which was one of the two options they provided in the inital post.

    Yet you’re claiming they’re lying? Rofl, it’s JYJ’s management who are lying.


    • spazifyouwantto
      Nov 12, 2010 @ 18:08:28

      Allkpop base that post on multiply sources. Allkpop provides an original source but that article did not have one. Which is unusual even for K-pop standards. wasn’t until Entitled entertainment posted a statement from JYJ and management made it true. I think Allkpop jump the gun and came off very negative. Which infuriated a lot of fans. Hint why at the end of that particular post Allkpop place a disclaimer.Which made them look even more suspicious.


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