2NE1 TV Episode 10

This is the official last episode for 2Ne1 Season 2. I don’t think fans so stress. Most likely return next year when another album comes out and YG needs to promote. Although YG TV consist of Teddy, Big Bang Se7en and Gummy once again they got sniff.

I don’t know this is truly the end of any type of MNet special reality TV for YG artists. Lest not forget Big Bang is making a comeback some time in December/January. Juts like the Blackjacks had their filling of watching 2NE1. The BB VIPs would love to see the process of making Big Bang Korean comeback and 3rd album.

Either way enjoy this last episode of 2NE1, in the meantime the fierce four should be preparing for a Japanese debut.

Part 1

Part 2


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