Jaejoong spreads Cassie love via Twitter

We love you too Jaejoong

I rather feel more comfortable saying that “I’m a Cassie” then anything else. Jaejoong aka Hero reveals is mroe humble side.

JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong recently posted a deep and meaningful message to his loving fans.

On November 17th, Jaejoong wrote a long message on his Twitter saying,

“There was a time when I thought fans were just fans. But I was wrong.

Looking at the people who suffered hardships and enjoyed good times because of me, when I look back at myself, I’ve realized there were a lot of times when I suffered hardships and enjoyed good times because of our fans. We’re all natural beings~ There is no number 1, each of us has a name.

If we love and have consideration for everything at anytime and anywhere, in the end everything will become brighter. Thank you so much! Diary of a 25-year-old – The End”

Jaejoong later added, “Hahaha. To the fan who wrote, ‘I once thought you were just a celebrity’. We have the same views. It would be sad if I finished my celebrity life without ever realizing this kind of mutual understanding.”

He concluded with, “When I read comments, people always call fans as groupies… in that case, I’m a Cassiopeia groupie ! I’m going to sleep for real now~ Goodnight ^^ See you”

Source: Star News, Jaejoong’s Twitter


I can’t help but feel moved like other Cassie fans. JYJ had a rough beginning with even more unpredictable roads ahead. I find those who earn their spots appreciate what they have even more. JYJ has been through a lot but in the end came out stronger. Determine to be successful but overall extremely more grateful.  That is a level of maturity only few artist will ever develop.


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