G-Dragon and TOP Dominate 2011

The joint performance at this passing MNet Asian Music Awards for Big Bang only feature 3/5 of the group. Taeyang, TOP and the captain of this ship G-Dragon. To disclose at the end of the epic size performance  a joint collaboration. G-Dragon and TOP will combine their music magical powers for  2010/12/15 and release the album 2010/12/24. The day before x-mas. It will be a two single promotion “High High” and “Oh Yeah.” I can’t wait to see what GD and TOP was cookin’ in YG kitchen.


Bonus for YG fans more E.Knock(Kush) and Choice37  production work. K.Knock collaborated with G.Dragon before on “She’s Gone,” ‘Hello” and “1 Year Station” feature on G-Dragon solo album Heartbreaker. While Choice37 is becoming a regular YG producer and has team team up with G-Dragon before. For “A Boy” and “Butterfly” also feature on G-Dragon solo album. Both producers have worked with Taeyang and 2NE1 along with Teddy Park.

Source:Photo YG Life

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