T-ara (티아라 미니앨범 2집 )- Temptastic Temptastic

Odd name for an album but T-ara does live up to their mini album title. The now fierce 7 has comeback more determine than ever with Temptastic. The ladies are kicking off winter with high energy dance, typical for K-pop groups. Temptatsic has classic T-ara style songs like “몰라요 (I Don’t Know)” is catchy and easy to singe along. “괜찮아요(I’m Okay)” shows off their vocals and has that winder holiday feel. While “Ma Boo” may have you think their duet track with Supernova “TTL(Time To Love.” The most fist pumping dancelicious track “Yayaya’ produce by E.Tribe is a keeper. The song is quite additive and a total party banger.The one track that stands out the most is “왜 이러니 (Why Are You Being Like This).” The retro pop 80’s feel doesn’t fit the album. Making the song stand out like a sore thumb but a great track. I give T-ara Temptastic 4**** stars. T-ara being a slightly larger group with new a new leader hasn’t hinder them. In fact they sound stronger, more louder and can harmonize on a poppy dance beat more better.

왜 이러니 (Why Are You being This Way) MV Full

T-ara Temptastic available for pre-order on yesasia.com (14.99) Drops December 6


01. yayaya – 타이틀

02. 왜 이러니

03. Ma boo

04. 몰라요


06. yayaya [Inst.]


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