The Amazing Voice of Huh Gak

Superstar K winner Huh Gak is not short from amazing. With  soaring vocals that can fill a concert hall. Huh Gak is Korea’s newest arrival in a  very stale scene. He isn’t the prettiest, doesn’t have a six-pack and can’t do the “shuffle.” Maybe a one two-step left to right. Unlike his male adversaries he doesn’t need all the bell and whistle to be a top singer.

His voice alone will win your heart it not stop it. Huh Gak perform at this passing MAMA (MNet Asia Music Awards). Blowing audience and viewers away with “This is The Moment.”  This year Huh Gak release his first self title min album. Thus far critics and K-poppers have fallen for the hidden card. The album main single “언제나(Always) ” peak #3 on South Korea GAON music charts. The album alone is a mixture of pop, smooth r&b with Huh Gak charming your senses. Tracks like “하늘을 달리다(Running The Sky)” a pop/rock mix. While “My Heart” will sooth your soul. Huh Guk and John Park turn up the heat with “행복한 나를(Happy Me).” Bring forth some real r&b sex appeal. Over all the album is just to short. I’m hook on Huh Gak sounds and ready to hear more from this Superstar K victor. I give the album 5***** and a must have in your music collection.

Always MV Full

Huh Gak  (self title) album available on (10.99)


01. 언제나

02. 하늘을 달리다

03. 행복한 나를 featured by존박)

04. My Heart

05. 언제나 inst.

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