Who is I Me?

I caught a gliss of this female C-pop group during MAMA. iMe or I Me is a make up fo different girls from different Asian nation.  They are compared to Korea’s  (Girls Generation)and DBSK on the level of popularity. Made home base in China but also in Thailand and South Korea.

Their multicultural backgrounds has some Chinese nationalist seeing red. But no fear I Me is the new generation of Asian pop and doesn’t allow “cultural differences” stifle musical glory. The group consists of 5 super cute ladies Li Yuan Xi 李媛希(China), Zara 那琳 (Thailand), Yizi 易易紫(China), Shim Hyun Kyung 沈泫京(Korean), Liu Mei Han 刘美含 (China).

Finding info about this group is a bit difficult and music wise pain in the arse. All I know is that I Me is a newbie that took some 2 years to get here. Their single “哎咿呀(Aiyiya)” is driving Asian pop lovers wild. So I guess the anticipation for them is pretty damn high. I hope to see more of these girls in the future and what they have to offer. Besides the normal cutesy Asian girl charm fan boys love and fan girls want to be.

哎咿呀(Aiyiya) MV Full

Source: Asia Chinese Girl Group @Joshua Ong’s Blog

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