Seo In Young 리듬속으로 (Into The Rhythm)

I’m sorry but Seo In Young looks amazing in “Into The Rhythm” MV. So many K-poppers have become little haters. I like the MV’s colorful and randomness. It’s a feast of audiovisual that will leave you over indulge. Seo In Young displays true K-pop artistry with high fashion gimmicks, outrageous maker up and..oh yes. A high energy but catchy dance beat.

I’m so disappointed how K-poppers are so quick to written her off as a “Lady Gaga” copy cat.  Screw Gaga , avant-garde fashion  been existing since the 19th century. Techno was original formulated in Europe (Germany) in the 70’s. During that era of disco and  funk. Lets not forget about Gerorge Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic. Without them people wouldn’t know how to get their “weirdo” on and Madonna for that infamous cone bra. Being freaky and eccentric has become such a recent trend in K-pop. Koreans are some 30 plus years behind.  Only a selective few can get away with being so “different.” To be honest those “selective few” suck.

The irony, Seo In Young isn’t even using that much auto-tune but voice distortion. Nobody has even notice that?

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