BEAST/B2ST Concert Cause Stampede

December 12 B2ST hold their first concert in lovely Seoul and fans were just to over zealous. They started with “Special” and “Soom/Breath” fan girls lost their damn minds. B2st urge their bu2ties to calm THE F’ DOWN. After the accident in section C that left some badder. Which postponed the concert during its second half. B2ST who appreciates their fans support doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. So after some careful seating arrangements and much-needed medical attend to those injury. It was on with the show. That feature a new single and three special duets between

-lead vocalist Yoseob and main rapper Jun Hyung  “Thank You” (hip hop influence)

– Ki Kwang and Hyun Seung “Let It Snow” (r&b influence)

-Doojoon and Dong Woon “When This Door Closes” (ballad)

Welcome To B2st Airlines 8,000 attend with some minor issues the show was a hit.

Source:Allkpop Watch fancams

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