G-Dragon and TOP Gives Inkigayo K.O via Youtube?

TOP (L) G-Dragon (R) "Why you hatin" SBS?

Once again its clash of the media titans, this time  YG entertainment vs SBS Inkigayo.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP are just days away from their comeback and SBS Inkigayo drops a monster. An executive for SBS has blacklist those who attend at this years MNet Asian Music Awards. The executive stated….

In my opinion, singers who attended Mnet’s ceremony should be unconditionally suspended [from appearing/performing]

In the words of lil Jon WHAT

This isn’t some “haha gurl you so crazy”…..no SBS is serious and G-Dragon and TOP (GDTOP) comeback is in crisis. Why the sudden threat? YG and SBS Inkigayo had a perfect media relationship(?) SBS was the first to kick off 2NE1’s To Anyone comeback with an aggressive 3 single comeback stage performance. Featuring “Go Away;” “Clap Your Hand;” and “It Hurts.” Even though SBS and YG were criticized for allowing 11 minutes of air time focus on one group.  SBS stood by their grounds and 2NE1 briefly took over Inkigayo without fight.

YG entertainment and CEO Yang Hyun Suk decide  the same 3 single comeback concept will be use for GDTOP. Once again SBS Inkigayo to be the first to kick off this highly anticipated collaboration and comeback special performance. During MNet MAMA which aired around SBS Inkigayo created heat between the two battling networks. SBS accuse  MNet for having “bad business edict.” Idol stars who were performing on Inkigayo could not make it in time to attend MNet’s MAMA. Thus forcing idol groups and starletS to choose between the two networks. Inkigayo is still scorn by MNet’s sneaky deposition.

To add injury to insult YG’s G-Dragon, TOP and Taeyang did a joint performance. Including 2NE1 who also perform at this year’s MNet. Along with Miss A, 2pm, Wonder Girls, Gummy, and  many more. SBS in anger bans those who attend at MAMA. A foolish business move but one SBS for some reason refuse to retract.

This place GDTOP comeback and first collaboration album in jeopardy. Also creating conflict between YG entertainment and SBS Networks.

Don’t stress YG is taking a different route. Instead of crying over SBS recent power trip YG will air a World Premiere via Youtube.

On December 15th via Big Bang Youtube Channel @ 4th at 5PM (KST) first comeback performance from GDTOP

Allowing fans from all over the world to watch. I guess SBS Inkigayo needs to rebuttal their statement and stop feeling so butthurt over MNet.

Source: AsianFanatics and AllKpop and Nate News


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