Hangeng WINS Lawsuit Against SM Is JYJ Next?

Super Junior member Hangeng gets an early holiday present after winning his lawsuit with SM entertainment. The lawsuit alone tackle human rights issue and unethical behavior committed by the record label. Seoul Central District Court has declared contracts from January 2003, alter version from February 2008 and  another contract from December 2007 “do not exits.” Hangeng file suit in December 2009 and began a solo career shortly after. SM is already requesting for an appeal over the courts decision.

Now that Hangeng has claim victory over SM, is JYJ next? In a past interview Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu claim they will like to reconciled with their fellow TVXQ members Yunho and Chnagmin (Homin). SM will continue TVXQ with Homin as JYJ raps up their promotions for the Beginning. Either way Cassie fans are wishing a positive outcome. Elfs can rejoice but will Hangeng resume activity with Super Junior? That is a factor left unknown at the moment. In the meantime many Hangeng fans are proud to see the young man come out on top.


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  1. misz mimi_hannie
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 00:07:43

    of course as an elf and geng fan,i am so proud coz he is brave enough to fight for his right and for justice..i know it is heartbroken to see suju cannot be completed anymore,but no one willing to see geng dying at korea because of the injsutice~!!if fans is heartbroken,what about geng?!he has to suffer the pain without us knowing that..we only can see his smile,and yet we dont know that he hide something from us..the same thing for suju members..we know they work 24/7..even though they do not complain now but in the future,there is a possibility that they will explode too..they are human and not machine~!!thank god,because law has proved who is wrong and who is right~!


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