MBLAQ Comeback Teaser

MBLAQ is schedule to make a comeback on January 10, 2011. Launch J.Tune entertainment  official Youtube channel and dazzle fans with a dramatic watery teaser.

This being MBLAQ first full album. In 2009 the group release mini album Just BLAQ features “Oh Yeah” and “G.O.O.D Love” and 2010 mini album Y that features “Y” and “One Better Day.” In recent albums also feature on the Fugitive OST with “Running Running”  and “Bang Bang Bang” along with Cube entertainment 4 minute.

On a  positive business note  JYP and J.Tune entertainment has join forces. The founder of JYP Park Jin Young is helping his former protegé Rain. In this past year Rain had his fair share of questionable financial problems. With alleged gamble debt, clothing line failing and J.Tune going broke. Rain explains why he decide to join forces with JYP.

“It was simply a strategic alliance with the intention that both companies could work together to bring about the greatest synergetic effect – it does not mean I am becoming a part of JYP Entertainment. I would also like to say once again that I am just a celebrity in J.Tunes Entertainment; I have no shares with the company, nor do I have the power to make any changes.”

“The reason why I joined forced forces with Jin Young-hyung was because after the many discussions we had together, we decided that I should show a variety of sides to myself before my enlistment. Also, since I met with Jin Young-hyung 10 years ago and began my career as ‘Rain’, I thought it would hold a deep meaning to wrap up my activities alongside Jin Young-hyung before my enlistment.”

It’s obvious Rain wants to continue J.Tune and MBLAQ but make sure they’re in good hands. By the start of 2011 heart-throb singer Rain will be enlisted in the army. A requirement for all native-born Korean males must do by law.


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