Mighty Mouth Vol. 2 – Mighty Fresh 2nd

I think after listening to Mighty Mouth Korean hip hop has so much growing to do beyond pop synths. I have to give Might Mouth their credit for being more inspirational lyrically but musically beats could have been more wilder. Yes I said “wilder” cut loose but most Korean pop is pretty safe.Overall I give this album *** 3 stars. Sounds like everybody else on the scene right now. So K-poppers will eat them up like popcorn.

Tok Tok featuring Lee Joo Bin (ex-rainbow member)

Mighty Mouth Vol 2 Mighty Fresh 2nd available for pre-order  yesasia.com(14.99)

01. Mighty Fresh ***
02. 매니져(Feat.유성은) **
03. 톡톡[tok tok](Feat.SOYA) main title***
04. 난장판(Feat.전혜원) ****
05. Internet Gangstar ***
06. Skit
07. SEXY STAR(Feat.유리) **1/2
08. I DON’T(Feat.KOFFEE) ****
09. 상추와 쇼리(Feat.SOYA) **1/2
10. 웃어(Smile)(feat.인순이) ***
11. Real Man ***
12. 사랑이란(Love)(feat.김희선) ***1/2



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