Double K &Dok2: Dok2 and Double K

Ah, can never go wrong with Dok2 and Double K with their first collaboration album. Going against Korean hip hop blacktronica fixation and bringing back sick beats with sicker rhymes. Bringing out the dons of Korean hip hop underground scene if not the leaders of true school. Everyone  from Tiger JK, The Quiett, Swings and even Jay Park himself contribute. Unlike the mainstream  these MCs only bump to street beats influence by disco and sweet r&b tracks. The foundation where music wise hip hop comes from.Making sure Korean hip hoppers have options and show case the level of artistry this genre possesses.  This album is a total must have for hip hop lovers all over the world. Double K and Dok2 vulgar display of verbal  power only intensified with each track. ****1/2 One of the best albums of the year in this genre.

Double K and Dok2: Dok2 &Double K album is available  on January 28th

01. 시간이됐어 (Intro) ****

02. Takeover ***

03. 21세기형 나그네 *****

04. 힙합 (라랄라)

05. I Won’t Lose (Feat. B-Free) ***

06. Advice 2 (Feat. Sean2slow) ****

07. Lost (Feat. 박선주) *****

08. I’mma Die Legend (Interlude)

09. Die Legend 3 (Feat. Tiger JK) *****

10. Break Beatz (Feat. Rado) ***1/2

11. Salute (Feat. Bumkey) ***

12. 힙합 (Anthem Ver.) (Feat. Beenzino, B-Free, Bizzy, Jay Park, Paloalto, Swings, The Quiett & yankie) *** 1/2

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