New Girl Group LA.G

Okay I know what you are saying “For F*#K sakes another damn girl group in K-pop!” Since 2009 K-pop has gone through an estrogen over load. In fact I think Asia period has seen an increase of female pop groups and singers dominate the scene.(girl power)Although I must say 20111 male idol groups and soloist are still holding the reign. Those guys need to take a set back because LA.G isn’t your typical female pop group.

Unlike the many females who came before them LA.G blends to unlikely genres in K-pop. Classical and dance electronic pop. This concept isn’t new and has been done before but never the dominate fixture of a pop group’s sound. LA.g song “Don’t Flatter Yourself(.착각하지마)” samples a classic Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” melody with a catchy dance harmony. While “Shaken(흔들려)” still maintains the group identity as pop but continuous usage of strings. Making them quite unique to a very mundane scene. I’m curious to see this band live and just how far they’re willing to used string instrumentals. I give their debuting mini album *** 3stars. LA.G has K-pop fans curiosity now show the world what you can do.

LA.G Don’t flatter Yourself available for pre-order (11.99)drops February 25th

01.착각하지마 Feat.신건 ***3 1/2

02.흔들려 ***

03.착각하지마 (LA.G Ver.) ***

04.착각하지마 (instrumental)

05.흔들려 (instrumental)

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