Seoul Central District Courts Dismiss SM Injunctions Against JYJ

JYJ gangsta pose

Back in October 27th, 2009 SM entertainment filed two injunctions against JYJ. Preventing the trio from participating in any solo activities and international promotions from happening until the main lawsuit is settle. On February 17th Seoul Central District courts objected to both SM additional lawsuits against JYJ

“The exclusive contract between SM and JYJ forces the celebrity to become subordinate to the agency without any discretion. JYJ has no option but to follow SM’s actions due to the subordinate rank they are forced under in the power of SM. A long-term subordinate contract cannot be justified by the risks the agency took in investments, as well as international advancements.”

“Aside from the long-term contract terms, SM’s ability to supervise and direct every move made by JYJ, as well as the clause claiming that JYJ must repay for losses only emphasizes the subordinate positions of JYJ in the contract, so the injunction is invalid.”

The second injunction deem JYJ contract with their new management CJSE entertainment to be invalid. SM claim its was a violation of their contract with JYJ.Seoul Central District courts rule in JYJ favor. Which means the contract between JYJ and CJSE is valid. SM can no longer interfere with JYJ’s solo activities,promotions and new management because their contract agreement is no longer valid.(can someone say “checkmate”)

Baek Chang Ju, CEO of CJES Entertainment stated

“We consider it a victory of truth and hope that their activities are no longer hindered by forced accusations of double contracts. We will be working hard to show only the best side of JYJ to the public. I would like to thank the JYJ members and the staff for consistently battling a tiring fight against Goliath.”

Now for the main lawsuit JYJ filed against SM hasn’t been decided yet. Its a small victory dance for now but  is a matter of time SM coughs up $$$$$$$



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