Jay Park Makes His Finally Peace

Jay Park is no stranger to controversy since his departure from being the fierce leader of 2pm. The controversy all started when an anonymous tipster leak unfavorable Myspace comments( during Jay trainee days) to the Korean press. Fans were outrage by his immature comments which force Mr. Jay to leave the nation. Only surrounding himself with close friends and family.

This left a huge whole in most Hottest hearts and wondering will Jay return back to his group. In the months follow Jay was terminated from his JYP contract and will no longer front 2pm. After Jay confess something to JYP which immediately ended all contract negations and a possible comeback under the label.

Fans were outrage by JYP brash decision to allow Jay Park to go. This lead to a press conference that did little to minimize the damage. While JYP wouldn’t discuss the issue neither would Jay Park himself remain silent towards the press. Despite the dark cloud Jay Park’s future seems very bright. Staring in a movie called Hype Nation theatrical release sometime this year. Signing up to mega Korean entertainment firm Sidus HQ and launching his on Youtube channel. Collaborating with the brightest Asian american artist and other fellow K-pop musicians.Jay Park is on the eve of a productive comeback.

In the mist of all the controversy and solo activities  Jay did apologizes for his Myspace comments. But Jay recently release a web post extending his apologies addressing his fans,family, JYP, and former band mates of 2pm.

Hello, this is Park Jaebum.

Is everyone healthy and doing well?

Now that the weather is getting warmer day by day, I feel that the year has only finally started now.

As I’ve been so preoccupied with preparing new albums, these days I think I’ve been indifferent to the weather, date, and time.

It feels like it was the new year just the other day, but we’re already reaching the last days of February.

It’s not long until I get to meet everyone again either.

That’s why I’ve suddenly had a lot of different thoughts.

I really want to focus on everything with a new mind, and I want to show a new Park Jaebum to the family and fans I love, and to the people who have helped me a lot.

Also, in order for me to fly higher, I also felt that I needed to become a stronger and more mature self regarding past days, which is what I wanted to talk about today.

While I was still active as a 2PM member, there was a time when I disappointed a lot of Korean citizens with my mistakes.

Also, even now I still feel apologetic for disappointing JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young PD, who helped raise me both physically and spiritually.

My other mistake was that when I withdrew from 2PM, the members I suffered with together, lived and had fun with together, received undeserved distress from the huge aftermath. I am so sorry to the point where there is nothing I could say to them.

In order to succeed over my past mistakes and faults, I have been working hard with a new agency, and I am doing my best in my activities with new resolutions.

I hope for a lot of your support, and I will meet you all once again with a new album and newer image. Thank you.

I hope this gives some 2pm and Jay fans some closer. Even though Jay Park his heavily involve in solo activities and 2pm remain as a six. Fans are optimistic that 2pm will become a 7 but its obvious both Jay,2pm and JYP have move on, maybe fans should to.



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