GP Basic Teaser

So I guess controversial group GP Basic is coming back sometime in the summer. The group drove K-poppers nuts do to their young ages not music. The average age in GP Basic is 12.5 years old. You would think K-poppers would be up for a group that targets their younger audience. Hell NO! Instead the young ladies have receive harsh criticism and negative feedback. Even televised networks wouldn’t  allow youngest member Janey to perform or face boycott. The group respond with “I’ll Be There” in honor of their censored younger member. The extended version of “I’ll Be There” is available for listen.

Since then the group has done minor comeback performances on music shows. Their company GP entertainment continues to support their young idol group. Recent tease marks their return and most likely all the haters. In the meantime GP entertainment has temporary shut down their Youtube channel most likely do to harsh comments left by viewers and non supporters. The company itself did not exactly said “why.”

GP Basic cover pop version of the Beatles “Let It Be”

member Trinity covers BEAST “Soom” in English

This is a continuous debate whether or not its appropriate to have idol groups that are much younger then 16 years old. GP Basic and their company GP entertainment are breaking taboos and most likely will suffer constant resistance. But not all K-poppers have given GP Basic the cold shoulder. I find the group refreshing and being a positive image to the much younger music audience. I think people forget music is for everybody and all ages. The controversy of mistreatment and over work schedules is a huge concern for child stars in American or in South Korea. But these conditions also affects  legal K-pop starlets and trainees (who are usually GP Basic age).

A part of me wants to support these young ladies but I’m so concern about their youthful age. Either way these ladies must be brave to continue. Despite all the cruelty K-poppers and Korean netizens have shown them. Do you think GP Basic has a right to be here or should they go home. Come back when they are much older?

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